Aviation Business/Real Estate Law

Purchasing or selling airplanes, related equipment, and facilities that house them is complex and requires the help of an attorney. Missing a miniscule detail can put a potentially profitable business and real estate transactions are at stake. The smallest of mistakes can unravel the most complex of partnerships.

Skills And Experience In Business And Commercial Aviation Sales

At Dennis R. Haber, P.A., we facilitate transactions that involve sales, leasing and use. Documents are complex and include:

  • Memoranda of understanding
  • Aircraft purchase agreements
  • Leases
  • Charter management agreements

Documenting and implementing agreements require attention to detail and ensure compliance with strict regulations, including tax implications. Simply stated, we believe that skills, experience and knowledge make a significant difference in a transaction successfully closing or going bad.

Ownership and operation may also carry significant federal and state tax implications. Proactively crafting transactions and structuring new ownership should be done to minimize tax consequences while complying with laws and regulations.

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