Accident Defense

Dennis R. Haber, the founder of our law firm, shares his clients' passions for flying. However, as a licensed pilot, he is knowledge of aviation regulations from the perspective of both a pilot and an attorney can be an invaluable asset in the defense of aviation professionals.

Protecting Rights And Defending Reputations Of Aviation Professionals

Specific areas of our Miami-based practice of aviation accident defenses include the following:

  • Commercial air carrier accidents: Pilot error or committing FAA violations is often alleged in these accidents. Our lawyers bring a wealth of aviation and legal experience to investigations.
  • Small and private aircraft accidents: Most aviation accidents involve smaller aircraft owned by private pilots. Challenges exist in building strong defenses as little evidence is often left behind.
  • Helicopter crashes: The complexity of operating a helicopter requires an attorney with not only skills and experience, but also access to a network of forensic professionals to get to the facts.
  • Commercial air carrier crashes: Multiple, serious injuries and deaths occur when a commercial airliner crashes. Whether lawsuits involve one or more plaintiffs, we take on the complexities of these emotionally charged cases and get to the facts.

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