Unwavering Commitment To Aviation Industry Professionals

Professionals and companies in the aviation industry and service providers come to us with legal needs and complex problems. We take proactive steps that are more effective, as opposed to reactive strategies to an unexpected event. Long-lasting solutions are paramount. We prefer to keep our clients out of trouble than continually get them out of trouble.

Dennis R. Haber, P.A., represents clients in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and throughout the Miami metropolitan area.

Passionate And Insightful Peer Licensed Pilot And Aviation Law Attorney

Dennis R. Haber is a licensed pilot who prefers a company plane to a company car. That "need for speed" allows him to serve clients within and outside new Jersey. Most of his peers stay within the confines of the Garden State. In his meetings with pilots, he has witnessed firsthand the egos that dictate poor decision-making on their part. Someone thinking they know more than anyone about industry, specifically an attorney, can do far more damage than the opposition ever could.

Our founder coordinates a more productive process for pilots and charter operators. He keeps the process less ego-driven and more information gathering. He carefully phrases his questions and ensures that communications via charges are visually effective.

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